Pharmatech Group

The Pharmatech Group was established in 1987, founded by Geir Lund. It is the leading contract manufacturer of health food supplements and natural remedies in Norway, Scandinavia and Europe. • Contract manufacturer producing over 1000 unique recipes. • Pharmatech’s pharmaceutical factory is located in Fredrikstad, Norway. 120 km south-east of Oslo. • The Pharmatech Group is the owner of the brand names Biopharma and Biosan. • Pharmatech AS also owns a state-of-the-art modern Laboratory, MultiLab Østfold AS.


Vallehellene 4

– Building: 3,500 m2

– Production, storage, administration.

Bjørnengveien 8

– Building: 2,400 m2 (3 floors)

– Production (liquids)

Vallehellene 10

– Building: 4,600 m2

– Storage (raw materials)

– Laboratory

Range of products and packing

• Pharmatech can produce a wide range of products:

– Softgel capsules, hardgel capsules, tablets, coating, powder/granulate, cosmetics and liquids (oils).

– Today Pharmatech produces more than 650 different products. Examples are Omega 3 -, krill -, herbal - and Q10 products.

• Large packaging division that can package:

– Cans, boxes, blister, portion bags, daily rations in bags, powder filling in bags and cans, bulk, bottles and tubes.


• Biopharma

– Biopharma products are Norwegian-produced high-quality products that can be purchased at grocery stores throughout Norway.

– We set very high demands on the raw materials used in the Biopharma series, and all our products are designed and manufactured in Norway.

– The production takes place under the strictest standards of hygiene and food safety.

• Biosan

– Biosan products are a new generation of herbal remedies developed by the most renowned homeopaths of the Nordic region.

– More than 20 years of clinical testing in Norway, with excellent results.

– All products are made of exquisite natural raw materials and are produced with careful quality control and regulations according to GMP quality standard

– Several of the raw materials used in our products are organically grown by professional Norwegian practitioners within biological agriculture.


• Own modern laboratory

– Equipment:

• Chemical analysis of oils and volatile chemicals GC (3 x m autosampler) Atomabsorption, GC MS / MS quadropole (Analysis pollutants) Analysis of water-soluble and oil-soluble chemicals

• HPLC (3 x with autosampler), UV analysis, Microbiology, anisidine, peroxides, free fatty acids, Acid number, pH, conductivity,

• 4 engineers employed

• Quality assurance, analyze and control of all raw materials in and products out of Pharmatech AS

• Perfoms external analyzes